Avoid the Vanish effect, the social revolution is coming

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Stay in touch with your friends. Chat, share your status, share your location. make it easier to get together


Communicate information to all your friends simultaneously and quickly find friends around you.


log in with your Facebook account, chat with your friends and get straight to the point.


Wanna look up for friends based on interest? keep your status always updated and check for your friends latest status in the News Feed. You can match friends based on similar interest.

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See where your friends are from the map

Find your friends on the map or by proximity. Friends in proximity are on the list on the right hand part of the screen. You can also check how recent your friends positions are and the distance from you.

Check out your friends around the world

See where your friends are whenever you want. If you are planning to travel the world or simply want to grab a coffee check out your map to see who of your friends is closer or far.

Proximity List

With the proximity option you can see at all times what your closer friends are up to up by checking their distance from you. This allows you to communicate easily with your friends.

Profile: All you could want from an app you have it with Uchill!

In your Uchill Profile page you can integrate all your social networks, making it by far the most easiest way to communicate your social life.

Personal Profile

Invite your friends on Uchill and decide who can see what from your profile or what your what you are doing.

Your friends profiles

Check where they are, chat, check out their social life, add them to your favorites list or block them.

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Instant Messaging

Chat with your friends to arrange a meet up and chill together


You can check all your simultaneous chats distinguished by profile pictures.

Group Chat

You can decide to add various friends to chat and create group discussions or group meet ups!

News Feed and Status

Update your status and let your friends know what you are up to.


When you update your status, by adding the # you can filter your research and see which one of your friends share the same interest.

News Feed

In the news section you can see your friends status updates.

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Our Features

the left tab menu allows you to mange all the key features on Uchill.


You can see where all your friends are! this is simply incredible!!! No need to call or send text!!! Amazing


Start chatting with your friends once you see where they are and decide where to meet to chill together.


Status sharing and News Feed

Let your friends know what you are up to, and check out what your friends feel like doing. Get together by common interests!!!! insert the # to allow your friends identify key words in your status.

Location mode on/off

If you need some privacy turn the geolocation off, remember to put in back on to see your friends again!!!!